Life Can Be A Scary Place

It has been just over two years since my very first chemo. Two years! I am in disbelief that I have made it this far. I decided to read my journal from my treatment days. Here are a few of my entries: May 26, 2014 Today I'm feeling very anxious and extremely nervous. I have... Continue Reading →

749 Days Cancer Free and Pregnant

I remember the Dr. saying, "hold the nurses hands", while he injected me to locate my sentinel node. It was like no other pain I had ever felt. I squeezed the nurses hands so tightly I couldn't feel them. I screamed so loud, I bet the whole hospital heard me. I had to do this... Continue Reading →

Finding My Way Out

(Missing from photo: my older brother. When all else fails, family is what matters. They are the ones that will help you see the light) Self-pity - Though the primary focus of self-pity is on the self and one's own emotions within, it also has a strong interpersonal component. Being an interpersonal emotion is directing the... Continue Reading →

Infidelity And Feeling Victimized

(Above: Me and my four handsome,brave boys who participated in Shave for the Brave 2015. I'm very proud to say that all four have decided to shave again this year) I am writing for therapeutic purposes. This is not intended to offend or speak harshly about anyone. I wish I hadn't experienced what I had... Continue Reading →

Is cancer the worst thing that could happen?

I am not blogging to get sympathy or to rag on anyone. This is solely therapeutic and a chance to let my story be heard...... We were high school sweethearts, we were hopelessly in love. We left home to start our life together. There were struggles and there were easy times, but we managed to... Continue Reading →

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