Daily Struggles

I’m sitting here at 5:30 am looking at a beautiful red sunrise. I’m thankful that I am alive to appreciate the beauty the day has to offer. I am thankful for this delicious cup of coffee I am drinking. I am thankful for my five healthy boys who are still in bed sleeping. I am […]

Giving Is The Greatest Gift

We all know what people say after staring death in the face, “after a life threatening illness, you have a different outlook on life”. This saying is so true and it’s sad that you have to face death to realize it. I believe that people who face death come out a much better person. A […]

The Dirty Truth

I may be writing this in a moment of great sadness, but what better time to write? It may also come off as a rant, but as some may know, my world was thrown upside down in a blink of an eye and stayed that way for sometime. I hit rock bottom and had to […]

Thank You Mom

Let me start off by saying my mother can drive me nuts! Yes, my mother. Yes, you mom. I feel an abundance of guilt when I say or feel that because without our mothers where would we be? Mothers are the ones who love you unconditionally from birth, the one who puts her kids before […]

And Yet I Smile

It’s official…I am officially divorced. It seems that most of the unpleasant chapters in my life are coming to a close. Is that a good thing? Absolutely! But why does this make me feel sad? I should be celebrating, not feeling sad. I went to pick up my certificate of divorce at family court with […]