Happy Birthday To My Little Cancer Miracle🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈

Never in a million years did I ever imagine I would be a single mother of five children, much less a single mother of five boys. Here's a little secret, I once wished every baby I had was going to be a girl, but I was blessed with five handsome boys and I wouldn't want... Continue Reading →

Teenagers, Listen Up!

ο»ΏSometimes when I look back on some of my posts, it seems that I write a lot about doom and gloom. I feel as though the day I was diagnosed with Cancer I have had lots of luck, but bad luck, now, I have turned a lot of my bad luck into something positive. Because... Continue Reading →

Hatred VS Forgiveness

Hatred VS Forgiveness. It is so easy to accept the path of hatred, it seems to be the easiest, but is it? I often question that myself. Hatred can bring you to a very dark place and make you say and do such wrong things. I guess it's all a part of the grieving process,... Continue Reading →

What Would You Think Of Me?

What would you think of me if I said I hated my life? Would you think less of me? Would you pity me? Would you think that I am ungrateful?  What would you think of me if I said there are days I wish cancer had taken me because life is so hard? Would you... Continue Reading →

Fighting My Own Evil

Three years ago tomorrow, April Fools Day, my current life as I knew it was over. The last three years have been difficult to deal with and it still is. Three years ago tomorrow was the day I was given the most devastating news of my health, stage 2b breast cancer, cancer at 35, cancer... Continue Reading →

It Takes A Lot To Be Brave

  This past Saturday I hosted my second Shave For The Brave for my children's hockey association, but it is the third year in a row for my children and nephew participating. It has become a tradition for my children and nephew and a tradition that we look forward to and throughly enjoy each year... Continue Reading →

To The One I Love

Life has a strange way of changing, it can change in the blink of an eye. Never did I imagine for a second that I would be diagnosed with cancer, going through depression and anxiety and going through a divorce at age 35 and still be where I am today, but here I am and... Continue Reading →

Anxiety Doesn’t Knock Firstο»Ώ

So, today I was"busy", most every day I am "busy". I'm really not sure why this has to happen at the most inappropriate times. All I know is that I feel very sad and very lonely. I often say to myself "how do you feel lonely Kelly? You have five children, a boyfriend, and a... Continue Reading →

Respect And Help, We All Need It

I am grateful for my life, very grateful. After battling breast cancer and a failed marriage, I vowed I wouldn't take the little things for granted. I would choose this life over no life, but it's hard, extremely hard. I hate to complain or seem ungrateful and yes, it was my choice to have five... Continue Reading →

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