Know The Signs

Being loved is the greatest feeling in the world. I believe there is no greater feeling. To be held, to be hugged, to be touched. No matter what age, we all strive to be loved and that is a good thing, actually that is an excellent thing. My heart aches for the people that are […]


Today I turn 40!! Happy Birthday To Me!! I remember turning 30, I felt as though my life was over, boy…wasn’t I wrong. I remember feeling that 30 was simply too old. Now, today I am 40 and feel just as young as ever. One thing is for sure, I have never been so happy […]

Who Are You Supporting?

Throughout the year there are so many moments and events that are dear to my heart. My families most favourite time of the year would be our annual friend and family get together to support each other, celebrate life and raise money for a good cause. It seemed this year we had an unofficial theme: […]

Daily Struggles

I’m sitting here at 5:30 am looking at a beautiful red sunrise. I’m thankful that I am alive to appreciate the beauty the day has to offer. I am thankful for this delicious cup of coffee I am drinking. I am thankful for my five healthy boys who are still in bed sleeping. I am […]

Giving Is The Greatest Gift

We all know what people say after staring death in the face, “after a life threatening illness, you have a different outlook on life”. This saying is so true and it’s sad that you have to face death to realize it. I believe that people who face death come out a much better person. A […]